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X Filme Creative Pool for WDR / ARD Degeto
Television > Fiction > Market Premiere
Television > Fiction > Drama
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The arrival of a child is the greatest blessing in a parent’s life. But the months or years of hope and planning leading up can also open doors to unimaginable pain and disappointment. Two young parents embark on the journey to adopt far from home and their resolve and relationship are put to the test.


Peter and Marie appear to live the perfect life. However, one rather large dream remains unfulfilled: starting a family. After several painful, failed attempts at natural pregnancy, Marie and Peter decide to adopt from Russia. Carried by hope through months of preparation and waiting, the couple finally begin their journey to meet their future daughter Nina at an orphanage thousands of miles away from home. Little could the happy couple know, the degree of tangled and uphill battles against Russian burocracy they face. And that they stand at a precipice of their relationship. As Marie and Peter fight to secure their future child, one question looms large: do we want the same thing for ourselves and as partners?


Lauded and well-recognized director Emily Atef’s („3 Days in Quiberon“, „Molly’s Way“) rigorously researched film brilliantly depicts the oft harrowing emotional journey the wish for a child and adoption brings without pandering to common exaggeration. Based on true events, Atef successfully focuses the story on gripping honesty. Imagery opens up room to see, scenes and dialogue provide space to ponder and the clear proximity to the protagonists propels the film to feel like a thriller.

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Emily Atef
Key talent(s)
Victoria Meyer, Godehard Giese, Silke Bodenbender, Arnd Klawitter, Ruth Reinecke, Eva Meckbach, Ernst Stötzner, Jana Lissovskaia, Ercan Durmaz
Michael Polle, Judith Schöll
Dorothee Schön


Adolf-Grimme-Institut (2018)
Adolf-Grimme-Preis (nominated) Best Film