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W&B Television for ARD Degeto
Television > Fiction > Market Premiere
Television > Fiction > Romance
Television > Fiction > Drama
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Juli’s life revolves around music and she is going to make it to the top! But regrettably, her biggest hit so far is based on a lie: a song about her dead father – who’s not actually dead.

He’s a living, breathing rock legend and countryside hermit. These sticky circumstances may in no way become public. Although Juli finds outs she’s fatally ill, right before her big breakthrough, she’s not about to let it stand in her way. There’s no choice now: only her dad can save her. After years of silence, Wim sees a chance to smooth things back over with his daughter. It’s no easy road to get the young and ambitious singer to open back up – the hurt and disappointment sit too deep. This isn’t going to stop Wim’s fight to get his daughter’s heart back. Caught among the pressures of fame, her illness and artistic freedom, Juli soon finds she needs her dad more than ever. And now she needs to decide who she really is.

A topical and modern theme presented with the highest level of production. Juli is played by German parade rock star Vanessa Mai. She is Instagram’s stand-in for a generation seeking only to appear as if life is picture perfect. What happens when she runs into the gritty reality of her father Wim’s generation and the true soul of rock & roll? This very human film holds our attention from start to finish and shows us that, regardless of age or generation, there is more that connects us all than separates us.


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Cast & Crew

Stefan Bühling
Key talent(s)
Vanessa Mai, Axel Prahl, Ferdinand Seebacher, Elena Uhlig
Philine Zebralla, Nanni Erben
Judith Westermann